Undergraduate Bulletin and Student Handbook 2017-2018

Student Affairs

Student Affairs is the collective name for a number of offices that work closely with students in the out-of-class learning environment. Student Affairs consists of the offices of the Dean of Students, Career Center and Applied Learning, Chaplain, Columbia College Police Department, Counseling Services, Multicultural Affairs & Community Resources, Residence Life and Housing, and Student Activities. Services provided by these offices are generally offered at little or no charge to students. Student Affairs staff members provide students with a variety of opportunities, activities, programs, and events that support learning in and out of the classroom, assist the student in becoming engaged in the campus community, enhance a student’s leadership skills, and promote success during and after college. Detailed descriptions of the individual offices can be found in the Student Handbook.

The policies listed below are related to the work of the Student Affairs division. These policies are reprinted here for convenience. If there are any discrepancies between the content in this section and similar material in the Student Handbook, the Handbook is considered to contain the correct wording of the policies.